Prevention & Awareness

Mission 108 believes education is the key to prevention. We go into schools across the United States and present to middle and high school students about self esteem, healthy relationships, and human trafficking prevention and awareness. We have had students write us and tell us they have experienced trafficking and have siblings who have gone through it. The things they are learning are real, needed, and appreciated. We also go to hospitals, churches, businesses, and other organizations to raise awareness about human trafficking in the United States and what you can do as community members to help save lives. See the quotes below from places we have been with our prevention and awareness program!

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We were lucky enough to have Courtney come speak to our Emergency Department staff in March, right before the Derby season in Louisville. Her talk sparked awareness about the reality of human trafficking right here in our own backyard, which we did not know existed, and what we can do as healthcare workers to help the victims. Courtney educated the staff on what signs to look for as indicators that a patient might be a victim of human trafficking and what to do if you suspect someone is a victim, including escalating up the chain of command and calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888). Because of her talk the staff are more aware of the victims and predators. To date, we have been able to help young girl and were able to put her predator behind bars. Thanks to Courtney kicking off this awareness, the Emergency Department has created an initiative to continue this education through the help of one of our Nurse Practitioners. We are excited to be a part of Mission 108’s story and look forward to helping as many victims as we can!
— Rebecca Hamilton, MBA, BHS, RRT; KentuckyOne Health Louisville
When Brittany came to speak at our church about Mission 108, we were greatly impacted by the values and mission of this powerful ministry. Mission 108 reflects the heart of God in all that they do by reaching those entrenched in suffering and bondage. By infusing love, grace, healing and the tools necessary to bring about change, Mission 108 is determined to see hearts restored and hope made alive. The ministry that Robbie and Brittany Ross have begun is one that will help heal and change the world in the face of hopelessness. You need to be a part of this great mission and see lives forever set free
— Senior Pastor Todd Callahan; Ignite Church Vermont
As a teacher, I am always looking for new ways to engage my students. Recently, I had a student mention to me that he wished we could learn more about real-life, relevant material. When I learned of Mission 108 I knew that this would not only engage my students but that it was necessary for my students to hear about this crisis.

My expectations were surpassed by the speaker (Courtney Evans) and her presentation. Our school is a diverse community and my students especially are a vulnerable group in that many of them are immigrants and refugees. Courtney made them feel comfortable with her warm personality and valued. She listened to their comments and questions and presented the material in a sensitive and professional manner.
— Ms. Nicholl, New Hampshire teacher