Thank you so much for reaching out and wanting to be involved with Mission 108. We truly can’t do this without the help of others. There are so many ways to get involved with the Tribe. Here are just a few but if you think of any please feel free to contact us and let us know.

1. Campus Reps: Are you a student? Do you love where you go to school? Then this could be a perfect chance for you to spread the word to other students and faculty just like yourself! Hang up flyers, hold meetings, spread the word, and post on your social media that you are a part of the Mission 108 tribe. ** We will have a one-on-one call with you so that you feel confident in being a voice for Mission 108 and Human Rights

2. Photographers, Videographers, Bloggers, Graphic Designers and Influencers: We often need creatives to showcase what the Tribe is doing around the world, whether that is at a local event, or on a Mission trip overseas. Volunteer your talents or skills to help us advocate for the vulnerable. We also would love for you to feature what the Tribe is doing on your blog!  Are you an influencer with a large social media following? Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing tools in the world. Engaging your followers on the topic helps us grow and shows the world your giving heart.

 3. Host an event: From golf scrambles, to tea parties, to small groups, or asking for donations in place of wedding or baby shower gifts. The options are endless. Let’s brainstorm together how to plan something specific for your network of friends.

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4. Own a small business? Teach yoga or lessons or fitness classes? Host a donations based class and have the proceeds go towards one of our programs. Businesses are on the cutting edge of giving back! Mission 108 is always looking for creative businesses to partner with to help raise money for our work                                                                                        around the world.

5Love where you work or go to church? You can invite the Founder or one of our Ambassadors to come speak at your workplace, church, conference, or place of gathering! We love coming into your sacred space and sharing our hearts. This allows us to give you a real glimpse into the work we do, show you pictures and videos that we haven’t shared on our public platforms, and get to know more members of the tribe!

6. Words for warriors: You may have heard of our initiative to write letters to the girls in the safe houses we partner with. This was a huge success and the girls loved it! This is an easy way to reach out and impact a life of someone you might not have ever had the chance to touch otherwise.  Click here. Ask your five best friends to do this with you too!


Again, thank you so much for reaching out and wanting to be involved! We love hearing from you. Send us an email and we will be looking forward to working together on giving back.


Mission 108