Our Board


Ashley Kelly

When asked why she joined Mission 108's board she said:

"Seeing first hand what Mission 108 does and the impact they make on others was enough for me to join. This team not only works so hard to financially support various groups, but they strive for positive and loving bonds between people all around the world. This perspective of living a life fueled by loving others has completely changed my focus in life. We all really do belong to each other and surrounding myself with these people will enforce just that. I can't thank Mission 108 enough for considering me to rock out their mission right along with them"

Marilyn Lyons




Megan Disponett-Lee

When asked about joining Mission 108's board she said:

"Female equality and empowerment is a right that every woman deserves.  Through the work of Mission 108 I have seen women rescued from enslavement and develop into leaders who fight to prevent the abuse of women.  Seeing this has made me believe in dreams, miracles, and a future filled with women supporting each other through life.  I am honored to serve on the board of Mission 108 to help in the fight against human slavery.”