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Jordan & Megan Lee

Supporting Mission 108 began as an effort to support our best friends.  We helped with their original humanitarian efforts to support the homeless population in their hometown and listened to their love for the lives of the people they worked with on various philanthropic trips. When they went to India in 2016, they came back as two very different people.  We heard about the safe house, the girls they worked with, and the leaders who ran the safe house.  Their passion for Nai Asha was so abounding and their work to build Mission 108 so drastically different from their past charitable efforts, that we also wanted to invest our resources in their mission.  Three years later, we have been to the safe house and we too have been changed.  There is nothing we have experienced in our lives like India.  The pure joy of the safe house crew will forever be imprinted in our memories and change how we view the world.  It is with great honor and joy that we can say we are proud supporters of Mission 108.  Through our three years as donors, we have seen how Mission 108 has rescued women out of unfathomable lifestyles and given them a future.  How women in local high schools can be empowered to stand up for themselves, support each other, and recognize how they should be treated.  Mission 108 is changing lives, and that is why we want to be on board. Mission 108 has become our voice to the world that we too want to see the world change for the better.  


Bronze Donor-$2500

Carl Family Foundation-March 2019

Seth and Caitlin Eckert-November 2018

HipExpert-November 2018

Monthly Donors

Megan and Jordan Lee

Sam Barnhart

Korrin Torrins

Ignite Church

Fallon Cronin